About Us

Pacific Land Sales of Costa Rica LLC is a Florida based land development company
that specializes in acquiring Ocean view titled properties in Costa Rica at wholesale prices. We focus on areas in Costa Rica that we believe have great growth
potential in the future.

The principals of the firm are all Licensed Realtors in the United States who understand today’s real estate markets. The key to a successful real estate
portfolio is diversification.

In a recent news segment, CNBC says “Costa Rica has the the hottest real estate market on the planet". All of our properties are titled in a Costa Rican S.A Corp
and owned, free and clear of any mortgages and or liens.

Pacific Land Sales of Costa Rica has assembled a team of experts in Costa Rica
with over forty years experience in land development. This group is comprised of Attorneys, Engineers, Architects, Title Companies, and Banks.

Our goal is to make sure that your international real estate transaction is a
smooth one from start to finish.

Let us find you that piece of paradise that you deserve.

We thank you for your interest in Pacific Land Sales of Costa Rica LLC.