Real Estate Market in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican real estate market is one of the most exciting in the world right now. The government of Costa Rica is committed to promoting the property sector with implementation of a series of tax breaks and investment incentives available to overseas real estate buyers.

People who bought property less than two decades ago for a mere $30,000 are currently selling their property in the area of $ 1 million dollars.

Some big time real estate investors and some small ones are currently making a lot of money from the Costa Rica real estate boom. Every day more and more individuals and businesses are doing the same. Prices have been increasing by double digits annually for the last decade.

There are several more reasons why growth will continue in Costa Rica. Twenty seven percent  of the land is reserved by the government. Which means it can not be developed. Seventy million baby boomers will be retiring in the next ten years. An estimated 10% will seek to retire offshore. Costa Rica has strong ties with the U.S and just signed the CAFTA agreement which should start to bring big investment dollars from Fortune 500 companies looking to set up shop in Costa Rica. Many experts agree that this market has a way to go.