Why Rancho Pacifico Estates

Rancho Pacifico Estates is a small private gated development of only twenty home sites just North West of Puntarenas located in the hills of La Colina five minutes from the town of Chomes. When I starting searching for a property in Costa Rica my goal was to find an area that has the natural beauty of the Costa Rica but also an area that had great investment opportunity.

Most area's of Costa Rica namely Guanacaste and the Central Pacific region has seen prices of land,condos and homes go through the roof. In Guanacaste condo's are selling for $700,000-800,000 for maybe 3000 Square Feet of living area. In Jaco prices are not much better. You can pay $500,000-600,000 for a similar property. Fifteen years ago you could have bought a piece of land in Jaco for $30,000. Today the same property is selling for $1 million dollars. Not too long ago area's of Guanacaste were strictly for surfers and back packers. Now land is selling for $500-1000 m2.

Rancho Pacifico Estates is only five minutes from the Pan American Highway. We are a ninety minute drive from either San Jose or Liberia Airport.

Just before you turn off the Pan American Highway to Rancho Pacifico Estates you will find a gas station,general store and little Tico restaurant. The food is actually pretty good. Five minutes from this location is the world famous Monteverde restaurant. One of the best restaurants that I have dined in Costa Rica. I think one of the most interesting things about the area is a secluded white sand beach called Playa Blanca.

What I like about this beach not many foreigners know this even exists. Fifteen minutes down the Pan American Highway is the town of Miramar where you can find banks,shopping centers and restaurant's.

The views from Rancho Pacifico Estates are truly spectacular. You have panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Nicoya. You can see the Islands of the Gulf and a clear view from Caldrea to Jaco Beach. Well you may be saying where I'm going with all this. Lets get back to prices of property in Costa Rica for a second. Costa Rica is a small country roughly the size of West Virginia. 27% of the land is Eco reserved. which means it can never be developed. There will be so much Ocean View property available left in Costa Rica close to a main highway. Maybe you are starting to see where I'm coming from. If you feel like you missed the boat in Guanacaste and the Jaco area you are probably right. All is not lost! Prices at Rancho Pacfico Estates are still very reasonable compared to other parts of Costa Rica. Home sites start at only $50,000. Keep one thing in mind that I did not mention. Our lots range from 2-4 acres each. Your standard lot size in Costa Rica varies from 1/8 to one acre and prices can range from $150,000 to $500,000. Hello everyone Rancho Pacifico Estates is in an area of Costa  Rica where prices over time will increase.

Now is the time to buy! I never met anyone who made a lot of money in land that did not buy early. If I may, let me please back up my reasons why this is a great place to invest some money now.
A developer just purcahesd 500 acres of land five mintues from our property. I'm told he is busy master planning his project. Other large farms have been purchaed recently in the area for the same reasons. The Hilton Hotel chain is opening a 400 hundred room property twenty five mintes away in Puntarenas. I think the good people at Hilton are just a bit smarter than you and I.What generally happens other large hotel chains will follow. A large company from South America is building a new resort marina in Putarenas. I personally know of at least three new condo projects in the area ready to start in the next year. Does all of this sound famailar? One last thing you can also build your dream home at Rancho Pacfcio Estates or just hold your lot as an investment. Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you soon